Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shows and a pal

I have lots to share this week, last week was so busy NY feels like months ago. And I still haven't shared all of NY with you. First, I have 2 shows this month.

Show #1 is at Tilde in Portland. You can read a post about it here. If you're local, please stop by, the store has lots of great artists' works and unique gifts. Below are a few picture of what I have hanging, it is a departure from the Little Zoo. The flowers look wonderful large, they are 12" prints in 20" frames. If you'd like to order the large flower prints, they are in my online shop. And the 36 Polaroid prints, they are glimpses into my life for the past 3 years. I haven't posted these for sale yet, but have plans to offer some of these as prints.

Show #2 is at Velouria in Seattle. This month the show is located at the Ballard location and next month it will be at the Capital Hill location. I don't have any pictures yet, but will post when I see them.
Second, is that I have a new pal. His name is Ralph, and you will probably see way too many pictures of him. I adopted him from the Oregon Human Society on Friday. He's a little shy, but not too shy to already give me a scare by escaping on Saturday. After a day of searching and a night of tears, he showed back up on the doorstep Sunday morning. He's spent the day sleeping and I wish I knew what adventures he had.

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madorange said...

The large flowers prints look absolutely beautiful.

And your new pal Ralph is quite the cutie! So glad that he came back to you. We had one of our cats disappear for a week one time and I've always wondered what adventures he must have had. If only they could tell us.