Thursday, October 16, 2008

My bags aren't packed

I've been uploading pictures from our Fern Hill photo shoot, but I still have stacks of pictures and negatives to scan. You can see everything I have uploaded for the moment here, as well as some fall pictures here.
I've been spending this week getting ready for the Bizarre Bazaar in Austin, TX. I forget how much time it takes to get ready for these 2 days shows. I've also updated my etsy shop with almost all my Little Zoo images as prints, lots of boxes and all of my shipping has been updated to include international shipping for photo boxes.
I haven't had much time to think about anything but work this week. I think this weekend will give me some inspiration to work on some new projects. I hope to get going on my Christmas card(s?) in the next two weeks. No, not to send....I'm not that organized, to sell. I found some fantastic Santas to photograph.

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SMF.sportychic said...

I can only imagine all the work that goes into getting everything ready for your shows, but you always seem to be on top of it, so you got at least the illusion of control going for you. I am really loving your photographs beth, they just exude 'fall'