Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I've posted a few new polaroids on my flickr site, they have nothing to do with the post...

I am back from Texas and busy getting ready for my next show, Handmade Arcade in Pittsburgh, PA. The Makers Faire was a lot of fun. I met some cool crafters, saw a life size mousetrap and knit a lot. I have pictures somewhere, but to be honest, they aren't super exciting, they were all taken before or after the events.

So I've spent the past couple of days working non-stop getting orders filled and preparing for Handmade Arcade. I'm very excited about this show, because my mom is coming and helping me and I get to hang out my parents house a couple days before and after. I'm also working on some new products. I've posted these guys in my etsy shop. I'm a bit obsessed with making them, they're so fun. There is a small army of elephants, giraffes and deer on our ottoman.

I hope to be back up to speed and get some new images up on my flickr site and website. I have 2 new cards that I'm working on for the upcoming season. And the calendar..... I might have to do one. I did a few drafts today and I think I've created a layout that I like.

Polar Bear magnets for the giveaway bags at the Handmade Arcade. These were sooooo much fun to make!


a friend to knit with said...

wow! you are coming to pittsburgh!!!
i want to come meet you!!

Ashton Photography + Design said...