Monday, August 11, 2008

camping trip

Hello! Sorry I disappeared for a couple of days. Mike and I decided to go for a backpacking trip this weekend and get away from our computers. There was a camp fire, marshmallow roasting and of course one wet shoe (I'm such a klutz).

I plan to be back on track tomorrow and posting regularly again. Till then here are a few updates.

New boxes will be in my etsy shop soon. These are the little elephant images I posted last week. These are only going to be available in my etsy shop or at the craft fairs I'm at in the next couple of months (depending on how long they last, I have a limited supply at the moment). Letting the Horses Loose will also be replenished in the next week or two, so if you didn't get one that you wanted, it will be back in soon.

October 18th-19th I will be in Austin, TX at Bazaar Bizarre, Maker Faire. It's a 2 day crafting/making/building extravaganza.

My work is still up at Anthropologie in the Pearl (Portland). I have been so bad at getting over there to take pictures. Part of the reason is my weakness for the store, I loooove shopping there, but don't really need to purchase anything at the moment.

I signed up for This is news because in the past 24 hours that I've explored the website I've spent about 3 hours searching through projects, 1 hour at a yarn store and 3 hours completing one of two fingerless gloves. If you are a knitter, it is a necessary website to visit. I have already planned my next 3 years of knitting.


dieterdelathauwer said...

still loving your site and your work!
how simple and yet how great!

SMF.sportychic said...

Oh Hi! Hey, Just posted pictures of your pictures in my store. I email them to you too. Also, forgot to tell you I got a HOLGA!!!! I played with it yesterday and am getting them developed...I will let you know when I want to pick your brain!

Daffernia said...
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