Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I finally feel reconnected to the real world

There is a nice article about some of the vendors on StyleHive here.

What I like: The Poster List & Sonja Rasula's stationery. I met Adam (The Poster List) and Sonja at Renegade. The Poster List has lots of different posters, I suggest scrolling through them, some of them are really witty and others are just pretty. I wish I had wall space, a few of them wanted to come home with me. Sonja's stationery was really pretty. And it's all eco-friendly, including soy inks. She doesn't have a website yet, but when she does, I'll post it here.

What I've been doing: I spent 4+ hours yesterday sorting out the Internet and car issues. I have Internet and I might have a car this evening or tomorrow. The car issue was some strange battery problem. It was parked when the problem occurred, it just meant I had to have it towed.

Where I've been/going: I think I'll be heading to this sale on Saturday over at the Ace Hotel.

What I've been thinking: I have so many things that I want to start for the fall. I've been jotting them down in my notebook while I fill all the orders that came in while I was gone.

Who Won: I did the old fashion, names-on-paper-in-a-jar picking method and the winner of the tote bag, purse and cards is Jen J-M, aka Swallowfield. Thank you for all your comments, I've been going through the list of blogs and enjoy all these new finds.

Thank you to everyone that came out to Renegade and all the wonderful comments and emails that you've sent! I'm off to fill those orders I promised to ship out and finish up the pictures for the new series. I'll be posting it tomorrow!


alyson. said...

that sale sounds fantastic. let me know if you want a shopping buddy!

jen j-m said...

wooptidoo! i am so excited. thank you!!

Katrina said...

oh, i'm sad i didn't get to meet you in person at renegade. i've been loving your photos on flickr and etsy but when i got to your lovely booth at renegade you were totally swamped with eager shoppers. but your photos are a true delight! and congrats on all this work...