Thursday, April 24, 2008

Almost caught up

The above photo was for The Photo Trade, April. The theme was Fairy Tales.

What I like:
Love these "Creatures of the Deep" by Matt Cipov at Three Potato Four.
It's Polaroid Week on Flickr! I'm really enjoying some of sparke's polaroids this week. Especially black/green and shadow.

What I've been doing: I measure my days right by how far down I got on my list of things to do. The good news is that I'm almost caught up! I think this weekend there might be a ski day at Mt Hood to celebrate.

Where I've been: I've been antiquing lately. I have a new project up my sleeve as well as expanding on an existing one and have been collecting the items that I secretive. I'm scared to say more before I have anything to show.
Also went to Bolt on Tuesday for a skirt pattern making class. I need to do some reading, because my zipper sewing techniques lack any real skill that most other people use. But once I'm all read up, I hope to have a few patterns to sew for the summer. I think I might also have to check out Purl for some fun skirt fabric.

What I've been thinking:
Part of my antiquing is looking at and for handmade objects that were made for a purpose beyond the decorative. I've been thinking a lot about the whole handmade item/handmade process/ingenuity of it all.
I am searching for some books that address these topics. Any ideas?


Gardagami said...
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Linda said...

mystery, intrigue & antiques...I look forward to seeing your new project :)

Pherenike said...
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Steph Parke said...

Last Friday I discovered your blog (don't know how I missed it) and have been reading every post since your day 1, and just now I came across my name and photos in this post and I am flattered. Thank you!

I adore your photography so much, there's just something so special about it, and I'm happy to have "met" you! I hope you don't mind, but I linked your blog to mine.