Monday, January 21, 2008

new pictures

New pictures up on flickr! I love the color of the blue boots. These are part of a new series that hasn't fully transformed itself. However, I've been sitting on these pictures for a few months and I'd rather share and see where they go than hide them in a box on my desk. So get ready, more are coming!

There is an artist profile of me up at Mahar Drygoods blog.
These are a few of the blogs I've been checking out regularly:

Swallowfield - Jennifer shares her beautiful artwork (those patterns need to become fabric prints) and her daily life.

Mylalaland - These photos are by the talented Alison Garnett, also known as Supercapacity via Flickr and etsy. I look forward to seeing her new photos daily.

1 comment:

prairie daze said...

not sure how i wandered this way, but your photos are incredible...and love to that corner of the world where my own brother is...

thanks for the eye treat tonight...